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SMB Assistance Programe

Helping Businesses Going Through Financial Hardships

TCP Security is offering qualified SMB’s with 100% free access to a six month membership to TelePRO. If your business is going through financial hardships and you are in need of IT or cybersecurity consultation, sign up for our SMB Assistance Program below.

SMB Assistance programe 

Request a Free Membership 

TCP Security would like to help qualified SMB’s who are going through financial hardship due to the current pandemic by providing 100% free TelePRO consultation services for six months. Absolutely no committment or credit card required. If your SMB is looking for cybersecurity or IT consultation, fill out the application to request access. If approved, you’ll receive a coupon code in via email to signup for six months of 100% free access to TelePRO.  

TelePRO is TCP Security’s virtual IT & Cybersecurity consultation services. To find out more, click here

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TelePRO by TCP Security

What’s Included

Cybersecurity consultation

Message or Video Chat with our Cybersecurity experts

IT Consultation

Message or Video Chat with our IT experts

cybersecurity playbooks

Designed by our experts, our playbooks will jumpstart your cybersecurity program

threat advisories

Receive custom advisories about the latest threats targeting your organization

telework / Work from home assistance

Talk to our pros about setting up your organization for remote work (Telework)

security assessment

Initial security assessment with feedback from a cybersecurity consultant. 

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